Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventures in W-S, NC

A few weeks ago, I went down to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to help my cousin celebrate her 25th birthday. This is the outfit I saw in my head & I got an amazing response from it.

I saw these "leatherette" shorts on Forever21.com and hesitated to buy them because didn't know how they would fit me. If i'm iffy about a piece, I like to try it on before I buy it because I hate to have to return/exchange something due to buyer's remorse. After 2 days of mental debates I decided to go back on the site and buy them......only to find out THEY WERE SOLD OUT!! This made me a little sad lol But I know that Forever 21 usually has their online pieces in the stores the week after they go up on the site. (I am not one to give up on a piece that I really love, especially when I know it would be a great addition to my wardrobe). I usually have great luck finding some hard to find pieces in the Forever 21 in Roosevelt Field mall, so I tried there the week after. When I got to the store I went into an area that looked like it housed the piece and was so happy to find it! I immediately picked up my normal size and the next size up because it looked like it was cut small and tried them on and they fit amazingly! I was ecstatic!!
I love Forever 21 for selling their fashion forward pieces at great prices, they always look great with other pieces in my closet. No matter how inexpensive an item is I always check for quality because I would hate to not get a great "bang for my buck".

As stated before, I got great response from this outfit, Black is my all-time favorite & go to color. And to think I wasn't going to wear these boots because I felt "too tall" lol Thanks To Chrissy & Nikki for convincing me otherwise. I first saw these boots in the Charlotte Russe in downtown Chicago while visiting Kamon, knowing how much of a shop-a-holic He dragged me out of the store before I could get a closer look at them -_- lol. I knew they weren't too expensive so when I got back to NY a week later, I checked in the Charlotte Russe in Long Island and tried them on and loved them! I got a great response from the salespeople and some of the customers as well which sealed the deal for me lol. These boots are surprisingly comfortable and don't feel like a typical 4.5 inch heel....i've been eyeing over the knee boots for the past 2 years and never really knew what to pair them with, without looking too much like a stripper or female rapper, but these I knew I could pull off in a great way and now I want to wear them all the time!

The Leatherette Shorts and Cropped Jacket are from Forever 21 and was $19.80 & $32.80 respectively.
The Black/White Print Shirt is from H&M and was $14.95
The Black Faux Suede Boots are from Charlotte Russe and are $46
The Necklace, Bracelets and Rings are Forever 21 ($10.80, $6.80 & $5.80)

And shout out to Chrissy for the cute outfit she put together last minute!
Raspberry Bandeau Dress-American Apparel $43
"Caryssa" Leopard Platform Shoes-Steve Madden $89.95

"Beauty Runs Deep In My Family"

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