Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"You Can't Mix Gucci With Gap...."

When I was younger, I remember hearing certain rules when it came to fashion....."You can't mix Gucci with Gap", meaning you shouldn't mix high-end designers with low-end retailers, "you can't wear white after Labor Day", "when you're leaving the house, take off one piece of jewelry" (for fear of over accessorizing); and for men..."you can't put a striped tie on a striped or checked dress shirt", "men shouldn't wear pink or "men shouldn't wear their hat inside, it's impolite". There has always been rules about what you can and can't do in fashion and i've always wondered who came up with this stuff? lol I'm very happy that in recent years a lot of these "Fashion Rules" have been broken or compromised and also appreciative of the people who've done so. I like the direction that the fashion world is going in, there's been a lot more support of up & coming designers, a lot more rule breaking which keeps things exciting & there so many new and remixed things to wear!

I don't have one word to describe my fashion style, as stated in my previous post, I don't dress in one style or trend. I often mix and match styles, trends, designers and colors. My outfit can range from edgy-girly, sporty-chic, boho-glam, uptown-dowtown, I dress how I feel for that day, event or moment.

If it looks good on you, fits you well and makes you feel good, thats your style.
It doesn't matter if you wear Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Prada or H&M, Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe...If you don't have your own style and can't put together an outfit well, it won't matter how expensive or cheap your clothes are, the clothes will wear you...not the other way around....

East Village, NYC Dossier--> Jacket- Lux/Urban Outfitters (Customized By Me); Skirt- Made By Vivian Briggs; White Tank & Jewelry- Forever 21; Braided Sandal- Zara; Clutch- Urban Outfitters
Atlantic City Dossier--> Blazer & Leggings- Forever 21; Scarf- H&M; Small Wedge Boots-Steve Madden; Handbag- Gucci Valentines Day Special Edition 2009; Oversize Shades- Gucci
Eastern Caribbean Cruise Dossier --> Leatherette Jacket- Forever 21; One Shoulder Dress- American Apparel; Bow Heels- Zara; Clutch- Urban Outfitters
Kamon's Going Away Party Dossier --> Wrap Leather Jacket- BB Dakota; White Tank, Jewelry, Clutch- Forever 21; Cropped Pants- Zara (Studded By Me); Studded Booties- BCBGeneration

Top Image Dossier --> Clutch- Urban Outfitters (Customized By Me); Skinny Jeans- Marc By Marc Jacob's; Cheetah Mini Wedge- Steve Madden

Sidenote: I recently learned the word "Dossier" from Stylist June Ambrose's Tweets (Did I Mention How Much I Love Her!! Lol)...It means "A file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject"

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