Sunday, January 16, 2011


Peanut Smooth Bootie On Sale For $149

Peanut Crunchy Bootie $307 (Sold Out :-/)

I recently purchased the Peanut Smooth Bootie for $149 from after seeing June Ambrose retweet a pic of the Peanut Crunchy Bootie. I originally wanted the Crunchy Bootie but procrastinated a little too long after they went on sale and missed out on them :-( the Smooth Bootie was the next best thing and I jumped on buying them before they sold out! I will post a pic once I get and wear them :-). is having a great sale right now and has some amazing shoes on their roster, I follow them on twitter (@KandeeShoes) and have seen some of their S/S '11 collection and I can't wait to make another purchase! :-)

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